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Channeled Readings Receive transmissions for clarity, purpose, and
direction in all areas of your life!
about us our services
Balance body, mind, Spirit Connect with gifted healers to start
your journey today!
about us our services

Video Readings

Connect with our psychics from the comfort of your home.

Phone Readings

Receive instant intuitive assistance by calling our direct line.

Connect with Us: 800-599-1095

Distance Energy Healing

Receive clarity, balance, and alignment through a distance Reiki session.


We are dedicated at providing intuitive guidance utilizing different modalities and tools to facilitate healing and expansion of one’s state of being.

You have the divine opportunity to create a fulfilling and conscious life with the guidance and tools we offer. Are you ready to start the journey?

Expand your Awareness

Activating Wisdom & Co-Creating a New World

Channeled Messages for your Expansion

Tune in weekly to free activations, light codes, and transmissions we have to share with you.

Transmitting Awareness and Assurance

Receive answers and intuitive guidance. We have answers to common questions people ask.

A psychic is an individual who has the ability to access spiritual guidance for one’s well-being by tapping into a heightened state of consciousness through the use of clairvoyance, channeling, mediumship, and various forms of divination.

Each reading experience is unique to the individual based on the type of reading and psychic he/she is working with. We recommend that you go into any reading with an open mind. Be ready to expect the unexpected, knowing that the information channeled to you is always for your highest and best.  

 The accuracy of the information that is channeled through from a psychic in-person or virtually does not change based on distance.  It is all a matter of personal preference.

With respect towards the session and the psychic, you are open to asking any type of question that you feel would assist you on your journey.

Based on the type of reading that you have chosen; you can tune in to what topics would best suite your needs under that category of service.

All of our psychics are qualified at their expertise of service, following the code of ethics in their practice. In addition, we screen our psychics thoroughly with the process of requested demo-readings/sessions to ensure their authenticity.

We recommend that you review the bios of each psychic prior to booking a reading to assure that their service aligns with what you are looking for. You can usually sense or feel in the beginning of the reading if the psychic you are with is a match for you. If you feel disconnected in the beginning of a session, we request that you verbalize your feelings to the reader so they can re-direct you to another psychic that may be a better match for you.

Intuitive Guidance

Awaken to Truth & Embrace your Light!

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Meet the Psychics

We have an amazing team of Psychics with experience and expertise to bring you clarity and wisdom through impactful mediums of healing.

All Ascension Coach Celestial Clairvoyant Channel Clairvoyant Clairvoyant Light Worker Energy and Sound Healer Intuitive Oracle Life Coach Pet Psychic Psychic Medium Spiritual Astrologer Tarot Card & Rune Readings Tarot Reader


Samantha Gray facilitates a unique way to active and align the body, mind, and Spirit through the.


I’m accurate when it comes to timing; I express what the tarot cards and my spirit guides.


Chrystal offers Intuitive Counseling encompassing decades of experience as an empath, psychic medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, spiritual.


Betsy channels divine guidance from your spirit guides, ascended masters and angels. As she puts questions up.


From a young age, I’ve been connecting with the celestial realms; seeing things that “weren’t there” and.


Jacey uses a unique combination of traditional tarot, Soul Empowerment Astrology, divine Channeling, Akashic Record Readings, Energy.


With the wisdom of her Native American great grandmother, Denise has walked spiritual path her entire life..

Maxx Robert

Growing up and discovering at a very young age that Maxx was a natural empath and magician,.

Be the Light Revolution

  • Have you received the call to serve humanity as a Leader of Light? 
  • The time is Now.
Welcome to the Activation Dimension

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Channeled Readings

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