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Expand your awareness

Calibrate your Matrix Field

Your Auric Field also known as the Matrix Field is continuously fluxing and shifting depending on your state of being. How you feel and react to life situations influences the energy flow in your being and how your life unfolds before you. If you feed into fear and reactivity the…
Clairvoyant guidance

Welcome to SunMoon Psychics

Together we Illuminate the World We have received the call to serve humanity at this time of ascension and evolutionary change by assisting our brothers and sisters to step into their power and truth. It is no coincidence you are here, and we are honored to have you join our…
Intuitive Guidance

Five Simple Ways to Expand with Change

Any sudden change in our lives can create feelings of discomfort that can cause us to tense up and feel reactive. This is natural. We can better align ourselves and reclaim our sovereignty during times of change with these five powerful tools: 01. Consciously Relax, Breath, and Feel Find a…
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