Calibrate your Matrix Field

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Your Auric Field also known as the Matrix Field is continuously fluxing and shifting depending on your state of being. How you feel and react to life situations influences the energy flow in your being and how your life unfolds before you.

If you feed into fear and reactivity the matrix field can become distorted and constricted, creating an imbalance of energy flow in the body and your life. For example: View your energy body as a streaming water hose, the energy of fear creates a kink on the hose, creating more stress and consequently illness in the body. To assure you work out these kinks and prevent future ones from manifesting it is important to practice daily self-care.

It helps to be aware of your emotional state throughout the day, to check in with yourself; body, mind, and spirit. Developing a friendly dialogue helps to assure you are connected with your body and its energy flow.

You will intuitively know when to check in with yourself. There is no judgement in this process of self-inquiry, only friendly observation.

If you witness a potential imbalance in your being, ask yourself what it is that you need in that present moment to bring you back into balance. Observe the thoughts, feelings, and visions that come to you in response to your question. You may witness your mind say “I need movement, meditation, hydration, music, rest, etc..” Be sure to tune in with your heart to assure that the information you are receiving is in alignment for you.

Developing a sacred relationship of trust with yourself is key in living a balanced lifestyle. Once you develop a healthy relationship with yourself and your emotions, you may notice more peace, joy, and harmony emanating from your being. This is how you align and calibrate your matrix field.

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