5D Light Body Activation

We are the Galactic Confederation here to assist you in transmuting and alchemizing your neural pathways so you can proces light more efficiently as you transcend to a 5th dimensional frequency of vibration.
The following meditation will assist you in anchoring and integrating these lightcodes for your neural network.
Close your eyes and imagine a chord of light connecting at the crown of your skull.
Breath in white light exhale blue light.
Now observe the light pulsing sensations and sounds emitting around your aura field.
Breath in white light exhale blue light.
Feel the light codes transfering from this light cord to every neural pathway in your brain creating new neural pathways.
Breath in indigo light exhale metallic light.
Now gently gaze at this glyph to absorb the grounding energy of the light codes that are now transferring throughout your whole being.
 Breath in white light exhale rainbow light.
Your light body is now activated.
As you practice this daily, your light body activation will assist you in attuning to the 5th dimensional frequency.
Thank you, this transmission is complete.
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