Five Simple Ways to Expand with Change

Intuitive Guidance

Any sudden change in our lives can create feelings of discomfort that can cause us to tense up and feel reactive. This is natural. We can better align ourselves and reclaim our sovereignty during times of change with these five powerful tools:

01. Consciously Relax, Breath, and Feel

Find a place to sit and begin to relax your body by taking slow deep breaths. Allow any emotions to come up and feel through them without judgment.

02. Observe in neutrality

Observe your breath, witness the thoughts that flow into your awareness and feel the emotions that pulse through you from a space of neutrality.

03. Express Yourself

Find a creative way to express your emotions freely: Singing, dancing, art, writing, etc…

04. Be in Nature

Connect with nature to ground your energy. Hug a tree, garden, volunteer, walk-bare footed on the earth or swim in the sea.

05. Practice Gratitude

Witness the blessings and wisdom attained within the experience of flowing through change.

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