Six ways to stay balanced as a highly Empathic Individual

At this present time, I am sure you are witnessing and FEELING the emotional shifts that are taking place within you and externally, especially with having to continuously adapt to big global changes. It can be easy to get swept up into the drama of the external world and you may even want to isolate or numb yourself from everything you are feeling. 

It helps first to take a deep breath in….inhale…hold for five seconds…and exhale…good. Repeat this breathing technique five times and you will feel more relaxed and centered. So, this brings me to the next point. You have the capacity to witness and feel the intensity of what is happening around and still remain balanced and calm in your being. You have the power to be in complete control of your internal world. These following steps will help you be in a centered space as you navigate through this beautiful emotional reality. 

  1. Let go of trying to control what is happening in the world outside of you and take full control of what is happening within you. Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask your body what it needs. 
  2. Practice breathwork daily to keep your nervous system balanced. 
  3. Don’t get caught up in the dramatic stories that your mind creates when you begin to feel anxious or off. Observe the drama play out in your mind like a movie and allow yourself to feel through it. Once you have felt through the emotion, bring yourself gently back to the present moment by observing what is around your in detail. 
  4. GET OUT IN NATURE. Taking a walk through the park or around your neighborhood will help ground you energetically. Breathing in the fresh air will expand your being and assist you in releasing any stuck energy/emotions.
  5. MOVE YOUR BODY. When you feel a lot, you may notice your body gets tense or tight. When this happens it’s essential to stretch, go for a walk, jump up and down, swim and dance to release the pent-up energy. Also shift your posture as needed, a straight posture will help substantially to uplift your mood and create balanced energy flow in your being.
  6. Meditate every morning and evening for at least 15 minutes. Meditation plays a key factor in maintaining a calm mind and balanced emotional state.

By creating a daily ritual that consists of a blend of these steps, you will be able to go through your day in a balanced and empowered state without being overwhelmed by your emotions. 

Thank you for making yourself a priority each moment! Be kind with yourself, and enjoy this beautiful world!

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