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Clairvoyant Light Worker

From a young age I’ve been connecting with the celestial realms; seeing things that “weren’t there” and having a knowing that was beyond my age. My intuition is my biggest guide when it comes to channeling the Divine messages from The Consciousness of The Universe. Everyone has the answers inside of them: My work involves reminding the client of the information they have forgotten and to help move through these doors with love & reassurance.

I like to start by setting up a sacred alter that will be customized for the client who is receiving the reading. By choosing the stones and tarot cards that resonate with your energy field; I am able to tap into your higher self for messages and information that suits your Divine journey & current circumstances. Working with the celestial realm along with our galactic brothers and sisters; these messages are always at a heart based frequency: loving and highly conscious. Learning how to love ourselves in the Now – is half the battle to any challenge you may be facing at any point in time. We will work to bring you back to your heart center and further into an awareness of Divinity & growth.

My reading style comes in as a channel of “knowing”. But instead of accessing the messages through my thoughts they come in as a feeling. Together we will navigate through the process of healing: releasing, learning & ascending to a brighter human experience.

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