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Intuitive Oracle, Ascension Coach, Galactic Channel, and Soul Rememberance Guide

Jacey uses a unique combination of traditional tarot, Soul Empowerment Astrology, divine Channeling, Akashic Record Readings, Energy Body Awareness and Chakra Balancing combined with Intuitive Mentoring to help empower others in their journey of living as a 5D being in a 3D world. Her readings are not only intuitive guidance but also Soul Light Body & Spiritual Gift Activations helping you align to your higher self.

She is a trusted spiritual advisor and guide for those on their Awakening and Ascension Journeys. She is passionate about helping others discover their Soul & Starseed Origins, Home Realms, Sacred Contracts, Past Lives, and Spiritual Gifts.

Jacey has spent the last 5 years in an immersive independent post-graduate study program where she has been learning how to call back all of her lessons, gifts and powers from all of her many, many lives on Earth and other realms. She currently teaches Practical Magick & Metaphysics and offers one-on-one and group mentoring. She is also a Multi-Dimensional Translator and Galactic Historian who works closely with the beings of the Great Star Nations and the Ancient/Future Earth Realms.


Reading Offerings:

Spiritual Counseling & Ascension Coaching (30 Min & 1 Hr): Intuitive Guidance for those on their awakening journey

Intuitive Astrology Forecasts & Personal Upcoming Energy Reports (30 Min & 1 Hr)

Energy Body Awareness & Activations (30 Min & 1 Hour) to unlock blocks and core issues in the energy centers

Past Life Coaching: (30 Min & 1 Hour) Uncovering themes, archetypes, soul contracts and lessons from Past Lives on Earth that are impacting the present

Galactic Akashic Record/Soul Origin Readings: (1 Hour Min) These Soul Rememberance Journeys dive deep into the past to uncover your personal Galactic History. Discover your home realms and soul origin. These readings are also often Light Body Activations aligning you to your highest self.

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