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Tarot Reader

Hi, I am Stacey.
I’m very grateful to have been born with a strong intuitive gift. This has been in my family for 140 years, and

I was born where it all began, London – UK.

I’m accurate when it comes to timing; I express what the tarot cards and my spirit guides tell me – no sugar coating. In the many years of sharing my gift, I have found that this is how people liked to be read, and for this reason clients return to me time and time again I’m so very proud to say.

In the years I’ve been sharing my gift, I have visited many other countries and have been lucky enough to share my gift with thousands of other people.

I consider myself very professional and focused and strive to give my clients 100% so they are very happy and satisfied, which gives me great pleasure.

These are my gifts: 

  • Full tarot card readings.

  • Reading your aura which tells you which colors are surrounding you and how you are feeling.

  • Messages are brought in from a loved one in spirit.

  • If you have a vintage jewelry piece and would love to know about its past, please bring it with you.

One or all of these gifts will come through during our time together, depending on what is most needed at the time.

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